We’d like to congratulate the winners of the 2018 Southern Stars Awards, and thank everyone who helped us to find these shining stars within our workforce. The Southern Cross Care workforce is professional, dedicated and committed to healthy ageing outcomes. The Southern Stars awards are our chance to recognise the shining stars within our workforce, and celebrate their outstanding achievements.

Care Star – Nursing
Ermett Hayes, Registered Nurse, Philip Kennedy Centre

Ermett is compassionate and willing to work hard to tackle complex medical issues, ensuring the best possible quality of life for residents in her care.

Care Star – Personal Care
Lynn Deane, Home Care Assistant, Home Support Services

Lynn takes great pride in her work and looks after the people in her care as if they were members of her own family.

Care Star – Allied Health
Duy Nguyen, Physiotherapist, Bucklands

Duy takes the time to get to know our residents so that he can deliver person-centred care in his trademark calm and organised style.

Care Star – Lifestyle
Julie Lloyd, Wellness and Lifestyle Manager, Bellevue Court

Julie goes above and beyond her job description, putting her heart and soul into her role and coordinating many extra programs and activities to add value to the lives of our residents.

Care Star – Hotel Services
Joseph Albertini, Bus Driver, Care Support Team

Joseph is a true gentleman with a caring nature and a great sense of humour. Joseph is extremely helpful to all his passengers, who always feel safe and comfortable when he’s behind the wheel.

Connected Customer Star
Meredith Dale, Retirement Living Manager, Fleurieu

Meredith is genuinely engaged and interested in the lives of our Retirement Living residents, and ensures that each of the estates under her management is uniquely vibrant and connected.

Creativity Star
Samantha Wood, Design and Production Coordinator, Central Office

Sam is constantly looking for new and creative ways to engage with her target audience and to improve the effectiveness of Southern Cross Care’s visual communications.

Healthy Ageing Star
Sally Goetz, Health Education and Social Programs Coordinator, Health & Wellness Services

Sally has highly developed communication skills, an innovative mindset, and a beautiful way of relating to residents and customers, making them feel comfortable and welcome. 

Star Team
The Pines Lodge Residential Care

The Pines Lodge team gives 110% every day for residents and families. They work together as a cohesive team with a constant focus on achieving goals and positive outcomes for residents.

Star Volunteer
Geraldine Dorfl, Lifestyle Assistant, West Beach Residential Care

Geraldine is a happy, respectful and caring individual and offers our residents the simple but important gift of friendship and a listening ear.

Rising Star
Rebecca Nagle, Retirement Living Manager, Pearl Retirement Resort

Bec has a positive attitude and a great sense of humour. She also takes a proactive approach to promoting, maintaining and managing the Pearl Retirement Resort for the benefit of residents.

Best Practice Star
Nathan Woodward, Project Development Officer, Central Office

Nathan has worked diligently over the past year on the successful Carmelite development project, supporting all stakeholders to achieve their deadlines and milestones.

Leadership Star
Sherry Larson, Hub Manager, Oakfield Lodge

Sherry is passionate about delivering quality care to residents and their families, and encourages collaboration and open communication amongst staff.