We’d like to congratulate the winners of the 2019 Southern Stars Awards, and thank everyone who helped us to find these shining stars within our community. These awards are presented to those who demonstrate our values of compassionate, capable, collaborative and creative as well as recognise those who make outstanding contributions to our innovative, healthy ageing approach.

Care Star 
Katrina Smith, Home Care Assistant, Home Support Services
Amara Kenneh, Care Coordinator, Bucklands Residential Care

Katrina truly makes our clients and their families world’s a better place, with her positive frame of mind and can-do attitude when approaching any challenge.

Amara shows a high quality of attention to his work, and helps residents achieve outstanding health and wellbeing. 

Healthy Ageing Star
Lana Djuric, Occupational Therapist, Lourdes Valley

Lana always goes above and beyond to make sure that every resident, respite, and CAPS admission to Lourdes Valley has a smooth and pleasant, enjoyable and memorable stay.

Service Star
Natalie Koufos, Community Foundation Manager (previously Events Coordinator), Peter Taylor House
Michael Harlow, Maintenance Officer, Retirement and Independent Living 

Natalie is a 'can-do girl' who is extremely supportive and carried out her role with a smile. 

Michael always has a smile for everyone, even when solving the biggest or smallest of problems.

Rising Star
Di Connor, Receptionist and Office Administrator, The Mornington Retirement Village

Di applied herself brilliantly, helping residents with paperwork, answering any questions they might have had, and assuring them everything would be great with Southern Cross Care.

Volunteer Star
Barbara Pedrucco, Cafe Volunteer, Bellevue Court Residential Care

Barb is the rock of the Grape Vine Cafe, having managed it for almost 2 years. She shows patience and compassion when introducing new volunteers to the cafe, and helps them enjoy a smooth transition before volunteering.

Compassionate Star
Julie Ly, Exercise Physiologist, The Philip Kennedy Centre Health & Wellness Centre

Julie goes above & beyond when it comes to supporting clients through tough times. Whether it's supporting them through personal hardship, or just health and wellness goals she helps our clients stay on track.

Capable Star
Lijo Kurian, Residential Services Manager, Carmelite Residential Care

Lijo is an exceptional manager of both of his staff and of the Carmelite residential community. He shows the same compassion to all, not just residents but all their family and all the staff.

Creative Star
Kerry Tudor, Lifestyle Coordinator, Oakfield Lodge Residential Care

Kerry is passionate about her role as Lifestyle Coordinator because she is creative and thoughtful when organising and arranging activities, to include all residents and students of different abilities.

Collaborative Star
Carmelite Team, Carmelite
Oaklands Park Lodge Team

Through collaborating with each other and better understanding each other’s offered service, Carmelite have delivered amazing care and services for clients and residents.

The team at Oaklands Park are an incredibly cohesive group who do everything in their power to get the best outcomes for our residents, no matter what their goals are.