Funding Round August 2015

Blank Canvas - Philip Kennedy Centre; To establish an exciting wellbeing arts program for our PKC residents and establish partnerships with the local community including artists, theatre companies, libraries and photographers.

Morning Melodies - Fullarton; Our Fullarton residents will have the opportunity to attend the Adelaide Festival Theatre Morning Melodies Program which provides a great mix of music, theatre and dance.

New Café - John Paul II; To convert an unused dining room into a café; importantly this project will connect with the Year 10 students of the local St Ignatius College who will graciously provide the manpower to paint and decorate the area for us.

Staying Connected through Technology - Sandpiper; To set up an internet station where our customers can access such things as enrolling for online education or to research subjects of their choice, play games or use social media.

Yoga - Labrina; Everyone loves Yoga for its wellbeing health benefits – and now Labrina have been granted the opportunity to engage a yoga instructor on a weekly basis for twelve months for our residents.