Funding Round January 2016

Herb and Vegetable Garden - Pearl Supported Care; To establish a herb and vegetable garden.  It will be managed by the retirement village and supported care residents. 

New Age Connections - Philip Kennedy Centre; To purchase four new ipads for the Wellness & Lifestyle team to use with residents, helping them to connect with families, master new technology and skills.

Fitness Equipment - Mt Carmel; In a response to the uptake in our fitness programs, new gym equipment including fitball, exercise mats, yoga mats, yoga straps.

Art in the Atrium - Labrina; To provide art classes and materials for residents to participate in clay modelling, ceramic work and painting.  Artwork will be displayed in the atrium.

Fishing Program - Sandpiper Lodge; Request to purchase fishing equipment.  The residents would like to make fishing a part of their leisure activities.

Staff Band - Sandpiper Lodge; The staff band has been playing together for over six years and sought funding to upgrade and purchase new equipment.  Equipment includes speakers, mixers, microphones, drums.

Garden Upgrade - West Beach; Upgrade the gardens including removal of overgrown trees and to replace with more appropriate trees that provide shade.

Mural - Bellevue Court; Create an interactive art work along the corridor – to distract residents living with dementia from the exit door and highlight the way to the outdoor garden.

Technology in Activity - Bellevue Court; Purchase two android tablets and MP3 players for use in individual therapy and small groups to access apps and games.