COVID-19 is a growing global pandemic. Our Board, Executive and Management continue to closely monitor the situation, including the latest updates from the Australian Government, industry groups and health experts. Our Emergency Pandemic Response Team is responding to the emerging changes including developing a protocol for visitors to our Residential Care homes.

To help stop COVID-19 from entering our homes, visits are now restricted to medical and dental practitioners only for the purpose of providing essential medical or dental care. The Residential Services Manager in consultation with the practitioner will determine whether the visit is essential, or whether it can be rescheduled or conducted via telehealth mechanisms.

As before, exemptions apply in compassionate care (end-of-life) situations. In these situations, our staff will make contact with families via the nominated contact person to arrange visitation. Exemptions also apply for essential operational reasons (e.g. registered contractors, suppliers etc.) as outlined in the directives.

In addition, residents should now only leave our Residential Care homes to attend essential medical or dental appointments that cannot be reasonably rescheduled or conducted via telehealth mechanisms. Any resident who chooses to leave our homes for any other reason is not permitted to re-enter the home as per the SA Government directive.

If you are aware of any essential medical or dental appointments that have been scheduled for a resident, please send the appointment details to the Residential Care home in advance via email for the Residential Services Manager to assess. Email addresses can be found here.

To help our residents stay in contact with their loved ones, we have accelerated our roll-out of additional communication tools. This includes smart-phones with video-call capabilities and in-room landline phones for those who do not already have them. We hope to have these in place by the week ending April 10th 2020.

Please be assured that we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and will continue to review these temporary but critical arrangements. As always, we would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding of the temporary but absolutely necessary measures that are being put in place to protect the health and safety of our residents during this challenging time. Our compassionate staff members are working together to ensure the best quality care is provided to residents.

If you are a family member or resident representative, we ask that any questions or concerns be communicated to our Residential Care homes by your resident’s nominated contact.