What happens if I require urgent assistance with maintenance outside of normal office hours?

Southern Cross Care has a member of the maintenance team rostered on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Naturally, that person is only available to be called out of hours in an emergency. The cost of this service is included in the weekly maintenance fee.

Will you accept an application for a unit “subject to the sale of my property”?


Are there limitations on absences?

Southern Cross Care requires that residents advise us of intended periods of absence. We acknowledge that the villa is your home, but for security reasons, we would appreciate receiving advice from you, if you intend to be absent from your villa for an extended period.

Will you accept an application for a villa “subject to the sale of my property”?


Will there be a “cooling off” period after signing the lease in case I change my mind?

Yes, you may choose to withdraw from the arrangements within fifteen business days after signing the lease, provided written notice is given to Southern Cross Care. Southern Cross Care will refund any money paid by you in full.

Can I make variations/additions to our Villa?

The villas are architecturally designed to provide optimal living spaces and are supported by professional interior design expertise to ensure that the presentation suits most requirements. In the event that variations are required, they are to be costed and approved by both the prospective resident and Southern Cross Care prior to signing the contract. All variations must be paid for in full within two weeks of signing the contract, and are not refundable.

What stamp duty is payable?

None. Southern Cross Care is the owner of the property and whilst residents have full occupation rights in respect of their villa, there is no transfer of title at the Lands Titles Office. As a result, no stamp duty needs to be paid. This is a considerable saving compared with a typical residential property purchase or a community title.

Are visitors allowed?

Yes, of course. There is nothing to prohibit family and friends visiting you in the same manner you are used to.

Overnight guests are also welcome as long as prior written consent has been provided by Southern Cross Care if those guests stay with you for more than 10 days in any one year period.

How can I vacate or be compelled to leave my villa?

A person may vacate a villa at any time by giving thirty days written notice to Southern Cross Care. Subject to the provisions of the Retirement Villages Act, Southern Cross Care may also terminate the lease, but only if the person breached any of the terms of the lease or if, in accordance with medical advice, the villa is no longer appropriate for daily living.

What are the services and benefits covered by the maintenance fee?

The maintenance fee is designed to simplify household budgeting by incorporating many of the typical household costs into one regular charge. Additionally, it also funds the ongoing operation of the facilities and services provided at site as detailed in your contract.

The fee is levied to meet the cost of:
• rates and taxes – e.g. council, water, emergency services levy
• insurance (excluding contents) of building, common areas, plant and equipment
• public lighting
• repairs, painting and maintenance of buildings, plant and equipment
• use and maintenance of all common facilities
• administration costs – administration, gardening and maintenance staff
• cleaning of common areas, rubbish removal
• replacement of hot water services, air conditioning (installed by Southern Cross Care), appliances, floor coverings which were supplied in the unit when it was first occupied by the resident.

The maintenance fee is charged per week and is payable every four (4) weeks in arrears. The fee will be reviewed annually each June.

The amount of the maintenance fee and the basis upon which it is calculated may vary from time to time.

The cost of periodic refurbishment of a unit is funded by Southern Cross Care from funds which are held in the Capital Replacement Fund.