What other expenses am I responsible for?

Residents are responsible for internal cleaning, general housekeeping, personal phone bills, contents insurance, emergency call system, and if required, pay-TV and internet services (cabling provided).

How long will you give me to sell my property?

Firstly we will confirm the expected settlement date. Once this has been provided to you, we will give approximately 4 months to confirm the sale of your property.

Who owns and manages the site?

Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) Inc (“Southern Cross Care”) own and manage the site. Southern Cross Care is a charitable, non-profit organisation.

How do I secure a unit/apartment/villa?

Upon being offered a property by Southern Cross Care, you may complete a “Registration of Interest and Option” (“the Option”) and pay to Southern Cross Care a fully refundable option fee of between $500 and $5,000, which will secure your interest in that property. The option fee is fully refundable if you are unable or decide not to proceed to purchase the property within 2 working days of signing the Option.

Once you have exercised your Option, Southern Cross Care will provide you with the documents that we are required by law to provide to a prospective resident of a retirement village within 30 days. Once you have received these, you will be required to sign them within 14 days.

We recommend that you seek legal independent advice of your choice prior to signing the documents. Fees for such advice will be an additional expense to you.

After signing the Residence Agreement you will have a cooling off period of 15 business days. You will be given a copy of the Residence Agreement for your own records.

Can I still work if I enter into an Agreement to live at a retirement site?

Yes. However, in each unit there must be at least one retired person. This means that at least one resident in each unit must have attained 55 years of age and be retired from full-time employment.

Who can live at the property?

Our retirement properties are designed for retirees or those over 55 years that are able to live independently. Living at one of our sites enables residents to enjoy all the normal aspects of living in their own home, but without the burdens of home and garden maintenance that are required at a standard residential property. Southern Cross Care is committed to providing a place for all residents to live a connected, relaxing and enjoyable life after retirement.

Are pets allowed?

Domestic pets are welcome as long as prior written consent has been provided by Southern Cross Care. The organisation reserves the right to withdraw such consent should such pets cause inconvenience and annoyance to others, and the consent automatically lapses upon the death of the nominated pet.

Will I have full entitlement to my villa/unit?

Upon becoming a resident, you will be granted a Licence to Occupy the villa and will have those contractual rights set out in your Lease Agreement.

What are the costs of securing a villa?

Residents pay a premium to Southern Cross Care. This premium is paid as follows: First, an option fee of $5,000 is paid to Southern Cross Care when application for a villa is made. The balance of the premium is paid on the date specified for settlement.

The amount of the premium varies depending on the villa size, number of bedrooms, floor plan style, location, aspect, flooring type, etc. Each architecturally designed villa has been styled by an interior designer and comes complete with extensive, high-quality fixtures and fittings, including Westinghouse kitchen appliances. Detailed specifications are available.

Why is title to homes leasehold?

All residents living at one of our properties occupy their villas under a leasehold arrangement, known as Licence to Occupy. Whilst Southern Cross Care maintains the title ownership of the property, the Retirement Villages Act and the Residence Contract protect the residents’ tenure.
Southern Cross Care has a long term interest in the ongoing success of all our properties and will therefore be committed to maintaining a high standard of facilities and services.
As a resident, your interest in the villa is secured by a lifetime lease. The rights and obligations of residents are clearly set out in the lease, and cannot be changed without the residents’ consent. This means that although residents do not have the title to their villa, each resident will have the exclusive right to occupy their villa for his or her lifetime if they wish, subject only to certain exceptions set out in the Retirement Villages Act. This form of contract ensures continuity of management.