Keeping you at home living as independently as possible is our goal.

We can support you to connect with your friends, family or local community, including groups or activities like a craft program. 

We can offer short recovery programs that quickly help you get better from an injury or surgery, or just because you have been sitting more than you have been moving and have stiffened up. Because, yes, you can recover from these setbacks. Anything is possible!

What makes Southern Cross Care unique is if you choose personal care in your package, a care worker will also include some strengthening exercises to keep you on your feet. This is an additional bonus with our personal care support.

Working out what’s important to you

Most importantly, our friendly professional staff will develop a plan, with you, which supports you to achieve all your goals, dreams and desires. Our team works with you in creative and practical ways to keep you living in the place you've called home for many years and to bring out the best in your health and wellbeing.

Contact us about Home Support

Simply call our friendly team to get started. They will talk to you about your needs, our service fees, and your eligibility for Commonwealth Government home support programs and packages to help reduce your home support expenses.

  • South Australia: 1800 852 772
  • Northern Territory: 1800 894 375