Many years, many achievements

3rd June 2021

You will struggle to meet many others who had a bigger impact on the South Australian retail sector than Geoff Coles AO.

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Employee Profile

21st August 2020

One of the best parts about Retirement Living in any of our locations in Lourdes Valley is the wonderful employees.

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Late bloomer’s talents shine

21st August 2020

Bernadette van Eyk didn’t start creating art until her 30s, but her home is now packed with breathtaking art of all shapes and sizes.

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Familiar faces

21st August 2020

Socialising and connecting with other people is an important part of staying healthy, something the residents at Carmelite Retirement Living are having fun doing.

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The Jeweller of Carmelite

21st August 2020

Vreny Barry has found a new and fun way to express her creativity, and she’s showing everyone you can achieve what you want in retirement.

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Slow cooked lamb shoulder

17th April 2020

Mouthwatering oven cooked lamb shoulder topped with a hearty gravy and served with a side of Duchess potatoes (Serves 2-3).

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Summer inspires us all.

23rd December 2016

Summer inspires us all. It's a good time to review the latest expert advice about how to protect your skin from damage. Most importantly, stay cool.

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Just Thinking Dignity | Courage. What does it mean to you?

25th September 2015

The work we do is about providing a place for our customers where they can remain connected to relationships, activities and communities that have meaning for them.

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Just Thinking Dignity | Individuals. What does it mean to you?

1st August 2015

If we cast back to the 2014 Southern Star Awards, our Creativity Star was awarded to Sorina Pap. Sorina cares about the lifestyle needs of her residents at all times. While her strength is her ability to really get to know residents and what is important to them, she also provides support and counselling to many who, for example, have no family.

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Just Thinking Dignity | Dignity. What does it mean to you?

1st June 2015

Human dignity is something that can’t be taken away. Dignity and respect is important to every one of us and it is about ensuring our clients and residents are treated in ways we would like for ourselves.

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