Many years, many achievements

3rd June 2021

You will struggle to meet many others who had a bigger impact on the South Australian retail sector than Geoff Coles AO.

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Importance and benefits of exercise for older adults

24th May 2021

Southern Cross Care's accredited Exercise Physiologists - Patrick Jonczyk and Angus Robertson shared the importance and benefits of exercise for older adults.

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2020 Age Well Online Forum

3rd September 2020

Free tickets are now available for the 2020 Age Well Online Forum.

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Volunteer Recruitment - Volunteer drivers

2nd September 2020

We are looking for volunteer drivers for our Care Car service.

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The Jeweller of Carmelite

21st August 2020

Vreny Barry has found a new and fun way to express her creativity, and she’s showing everyone you can achieve what you want in retirement.

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Familiar faces

21st August 2020

Socialising and connecting with other people is an important part of staying healthy, something the residents at Carmelite Retirement Living are having fun doing.

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Late bloomer’s talents shine

21st August 2020

Bernadette van Eyk didn’t start creating art until her 30s, but her home is now packed with breathtaking art of all shapes and sizes.

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Employee Profile

21st August 2020

One of the best parts about Retirement Living in any of our locations in Lourdes Valley is the wonderful employees.

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UDIA National Award

14th May 2020

Statement from Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & VIC) Inc in relation to Carmelite winning the Seniors Living Award in the 2020 UDIA Wingate National Awards for Excellence.

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Slow cooked lamb shoulder

17th April 2020

Mouthwatering oven cooked lamb shoulder topped with a hearty gravy and served with a side of Duchess potatoes (Serves 2-3).

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