Aged care reforms implemented

27 February 2017

The Australian Government contributes to the cost of a range of aged care services in Australia. The amount contributed by the government depends on your financial situation and the number and types of services you receive.

The Australian Government is progressively implementing changes to the aged care system. This is in response to the growing population of older people and the challenges facing the current aged care system.

The Aged Care reforms have been detailed on the Department of Health website.

Here is a snapshot:

So, why is aged care changing?

The traditional image of aged care is often associated with residential aged care, but most people want to stay independent, remain in their home and connected to family and community for much longer.

By 2022, the vision is that Australia’s aged care system will:

  • be sustainable and affordable, long into the future
  • offer greater choice and flexibility for consumers
  • support people to stay at home, and part of their communities, for as long as possible
  • encourage aged care businesses to invest and grow
  • provide diverse and rewarding career options.

Legislation mandates a five-year review be undertaken to look at the impact of reforms to date and where we need to take the system in the future.

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