Dementia Action Week - Interview with Elsa

24 September 2021

Dementia impacts close to half a million Australians and almost 1.6 million Australians are involved in their care. At Southern Cross Care, we have continued to work hard to provide services to enhance the quality of life for our residents and clients. 

The theme for Dementia Action Week (20 - 26 September) this year is 'A little support makes a big difference'. To support the theme for this year, we'd like to highlight how we have been supporting the carers in our community who have been busy looking after their loved ones.

Hear from Elsa (not pictured), who shared her experiences of caring for her mother, Ruth (pictured left). 

What is it like to be supporting someone living with dementia?

There are challenges and frustrations but after she has supported me throughout my life, it is now a privilege to be supporting my mother to live a life that makes her happy.

How has Southern Cross Care supported your journey in living and caring for people with dementia?

Southern Cross Care's respite services at Willow Fern have been an enormous help in supporting my mother's emotional well-being. She is happy and engaged and always looks forward to respite. It also means I can continue to work to support my family.

How can people show their support to people living with dementia?

By showing compassion and understanding rather than judgement. By taking the time to learn more about how to interact with someone with dementia. By talking to them, rather than at or about them. By promoting and becoming dementia-friendly places and businesses.

What services would you recommend to someone looking for extra help? 

Respite, Carers SA, and Dementia Australia. The internet also has a wealth of advice and experience from other carers. Finally, my current favourite resource is a book/e-book called Creative Engagement by Rachael Wonderlin

Want to learn more about our respite services? At Southern Cross Care, we have a range of services to  Click here to find out more.