Enabling a better quality of life is now an acknowledged better practice

19 August 2016

2016 Better Practice Award

Enabling Better Quality of Life
Bucklands Residential Care, North Plympton, SA
Residential - Metropolitan, 80 + beds
Award descriptors: Health and wellbeing, Enablement



Our Chairman, Mr Brendan Bowler has said, “Southern Cross Care (SA&NT) is on a strategic path to incorporate the changes needed to embrace a healthy living and enablement focused organisation. This focus ensures we continue to innovate while investing in the care, services and people we need, to continue as the aged care company people can trust with absolute certainty.”

We listen to key stakeholders with in our industry, collaborate and partner with key research bodies and take on board the compliments, feedback and challenges our own customers share from their personal experiences within the aged care sector. This helps us to formulate our long term strategic plans, as well as our immediate goals.

It is certainly a good year and we are immensely proud our efforts in Southern Cross Care is now the proud recipient of the 2016 Hesta Outstanding Organisation Award and the 2016 Aged & Community Services; Innovation in Service Awarded to our Health & Wellness Centres and previously, in 2015, the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, Better Practice Award for our Graduate Aged Care Worker Program for organisational leadership and staff development.

Embedding a better quality of life into our systems at Bucklands Residential Care rewarded with the Quality Agency CEO Nick Ryan announcing the winners of the 2016 Better Practice Awards today.

Bucklands Residential care Manager, Ms Jane Templer said in her nomination, “Our residential aged care facility sought to meaningfully enrich the quality of life of our residents. We offered a wide range of services to support the factors that promote quality of life, yet felt that resident participation was too low to significantly improve wellbeing for all customers.”

She continued, “We evaluated the impact of the Health and Wellness Officer by looking at overall resident quality of life and how residents are more enabled for their social relationships, psychological wellbeing, physical health, environment and empowerment, dignity and respect. Key outcomes include 93% or residents believe their quality of life has improved, data demonstrating improvements in falls, behavioural incidents and reduced risk of social isolation and many examples of residents gaining in confidence, friends, emotional wellbeing, independence and mobility.”

One of the most special social relationships outcomes was a wedding in January 2016. While the Health and Wellness officer can’t take credit for the wedding itself, it was the goal of the groom to walk down the aisle and he achieved this with support.