Familiar faces

21 August 2020

Socialising and connecting with other people is an important part of staying healthy, something the residents at Carmelite Retirement Living are having fun doing.

They recently started playing two games that follow COVID-19 guidelines around social distancing. The first is called ‘Getting to Know You’, where residents submit a baby/childhood photo and answers to a short questionnaire.

Then the participating residents receive a copy of one photo and questionnaire answers and have to guess who it is. Pictured is Carmelite resident, Allan Cowain, with his gorgeous photo of him as a youngster. The other game tests residents’ knowledge on South Australian landmarks. Each participant is given a booklet with 30 pictures of SA landmarks, and has to guess the name and location of each. The trick is that there are 3 landmarks that aren’t in SA, keeping residents on their toes!