Farming a passion for writing

2 August 2021

Colin Lienert has plenty to write about, and thankfully he has the will and creativity to keep writing.

The Bellevue Court Residential Care resident and former pig farmer has already written an autobiography and written for the All Australian Pig Breeder’s Newsletter for decades.

At the start of this year he started writing proverbs and jokes, and said writing brings him a lot of joy.

“I like writing because it seems to do my soul good, I love creating things, I love writing stories,” Colin said.

“I’ve never been as busy in my life.”

“When I left home, I said I could go to my new home and be miserable, or I could change my life and make the best of the things, and that’s what I’ve decided to do.”

Colin has many favourite proverbs he’s created, including; “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”.

He said it came from a life of being the oldest sibling and a life working on his farm before he moved to Bellevue Court.

Now his days are full of writing, on site entertainment, bus rides, and his own personal projects like studying theology for the past two years.

Whether it’s the dedicated staff, friendly volunteers or the beautiful surrounds, Colin praised Bellevue Court from the first time he stepped on site.

“The staff here are terrific, compassion is their best character trait,” Colin said.

“I didn’t think anybody could be so kind, so compassionate, so caring and especially how the staff handle difficult situations and keep their cool has been a lesson to me.”

“I feel this is my home, I don’t want to go anywhere else – I just love it here.”

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