Kennedy shows a can-do attitude

17 August 2017
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We’re proud of our Cleaner and Gardener Brett Kennedy who recently reached the milestone of working with Southern Cross Care for 10 years.

Brett credits outside support networks, Southern Cross Care and his dedication to his work as the catalyst for this remarkable achievement.

Brett has copped the challenge of finding employment while being deaf right on the chin, and after speaking to him, it’s clear he doesn’t let any challenge get in his way.

“I find it’s really good because I do the work alone and I’m deaf so it makes communication easy for me so that makes me happy,” he said.

“I am proud, I’m just shy to say it, I feel really lucky to have a job because it’s really difficult for deaf people to gain employment.”

“It’s really hard, at times so hard looking for work so I’m really happy to stay here, I feel very fortunate.”

Brett’s path to work came through a four week work experience placement with Southern Cross Care, which Brett received help from employment agency, Your Employment Success (Y.E.S).

And after starting on 24 July 2007, Brett hasn’t looked back.

He now works three days per week at Southern Cross Care’s John Paul II Village Residential Care and Lourdes Valley Residential Care sites.

His work involves gardening duties such as tree maintenance and lawn mowing while cleaning duties include room cleaning and cleaning equipment maintenance.

Brett said he loves to work hard and remains very interested in his job, but he also remembers the lighter side of work.

“I do remember I was out doing the gardening, about 3 years ago, there was a lovely lady who used to come up and crack a sneaky joke all the time!”

And if he’s not at work, the confessed green thumb loves to curate his own garden and visit his father’s properties near Blyth and the Clare Valley to do some more gardening.

When asked which flower is the jewel in his crown, Brett showed strong passion by stating there are too many to pick from.