Late bloomer’s talents shine

21 August 2020

Bernadette van Eyk didn’t start creating art until her 30s, but her home is now packed with breathtaking art of all shapes and sizes.

She moved into Heritage Apartments a year ago, and said her new home’s generous space and great location are two of its many positives.

“I wanted to pick a place where I could live in, and do something that I’m still interested in like my art,” Bernadette said.

“And it’s a very good community at Heritage, you feel really safe and if you need help you can get it very easily.”

Her art includes religious art, paintings, sculptures and one interesting piece that involves mushroom spores placed between two sheets of glass.

Bernadette also wanted to be part of a community after she was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago.

She’s now in remission, but also felt alone when receiving treatment and feels reassured that she is in a close community with help at hand if she ever needs it.

As a practicing Catholic, she’s also glad she can attend mass at Heritage’s on site chapel or The Monastery across the road. Thanks to easing of restrictions, she also enjoys grabbing a coffee or bite to eat at The Waterford Crystal Café.

“It’s great, I get to see people who live here who are interested in the same things as me, so I’m getting close to some people because I see them almost every day.”