Southern Cross Care’s leadership shines bright

11 September 2017
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We are proud to announce we have won the CHA Leadership in Positive Ageing Award for our 2016 initiative, Capturing Quality of Life.

Presented to Southern Cross Care CEO David Moran at the CHA Conference Dinner on 29 August, Mr Moran said it was fantastic for Southern Cross Care to receive this award.

“We made a commitment to develop and implement a database configured around the four key areas that influence Quality of Life: physical health, social relationships, environments, and psychological/spiritual wellbeing,” he said.

“And the results couldn’t have been better - across all residential care sites, overall engagement increased from an average of 22 activities per resident in December 2016, to an average of 33 activities per resident in March 2017.”

Hearing this brings a smile not only to my face, but to every face at Southern Cross Care. We are committed to a person centred and healthy ageing approach which contributes to the quality of life of each person.”

Capturing Quality of Life started in 2016 with the aim to categorise group and individual activity participation in the quality of life domain and provide consistent and transparent information about the extent each resident is engaged.

A company working party then created the program which was piloted at one of our residential care facilities in April 2016 before being rolled out across all residential care facilities a month later.

All Lifestyle Coordinators indicated that the database had changed the way they work, with one commenting that activity participation had increased since the database was implemented, particularly within the physical domain.

This helped us commit to helping people age with better health, maintain their independence, stay informed and keep connected with family and friends.

The database provides staff with the opportunity to monitor engagement in a way that was not previously possible.

It allows them to identify residents who are most vulnerable to poor quality of life and assists them in supporting these residents to be better for life, the essence of Southern Cross Care.