The Jeweller of Carmelite

21 August 2020

Vreny Barry has found a new and fun way to express her creativity, and she’s showing everyone you can achieve what you want in retirement.

She moved to Carmelite Retirement Living in 2018 and recently finished a jewellery making course in Woodside in the Adelaide Hills.

She made some wonderful earnings and a pendant necklace, and said she’s really proud of what she’s achieved.

“I just wanted something to do and it was very interesting,” Vreny said.

“It’s something that you create yourself that you get real joy out of, and can give it to your grandchildren as something to remember you by.”

Vreny said she also enjoyed understanding the whole process from design, cutting the sheet of metal, to the heating and cutting.

She’s not sure what the next endeavour will be, but said living at Carmelite gives her the comfort and flexibility to do what she wants.

“I enjoy Carmelite very much, I lost my husband a couple of years ago and living in a big house was not comfortable,” Vreny said.

“And the ironic thing is a group of friends who I used to go on walks and holidays with, four of the couples are here too.”

Vreny said she’s also made new friends and loves to attend the on site Carmelite Community Health & Wellness Centre, supporting her to be Better for life.