Trainer on wheels

13 August 2021

Bellevue Court Residential Care is using technology to help stimulate resident cognitive capabilities and memories through the power of games.

In mid-May, they received their Brain Trainer Plus console, thanks to the Para Region Branch of The Knights of the Southern Cross who purchased the console.

It’s a PC touchscreen that offers more than 20 types of games that offer thousands of questions, and resident Bill Webb loved every minute of his first try.

“It gives you something to think about and you really have to watch what you’re doing,” Bill said.

“You really have to use your eyes so it keeps them sharp, it’s a real workout for your brain.”

“These games are a bit different to the last time I played games.”

Bellevue Court undertook a two-week trial before the purchase and staff loved that it could easily be carried into a resident’s room.

Staff found many benefits including the option to use it in a group setting, the ability to create profiles and resident specific quizzes and challenges, and easy to take into a resident’s room.

Para Region Branch Members, Brendan O’Loughlin and Des Wallace, said the entire branch are very pleased to help the residents.

“Supporting local people is right up our alley, and we’re just really glad to give back,” Brendan said.