Every day across Southern Cross Care (SA/NT), individuals and teams excel at different elements of their job. We work hard and we work together to enable you to live well in a place you can call home and where you are connected to relationships, activities and communities that have meaning for you.

Our core values Care, Communication, Creativity and Teamwork are at the heart of our work, however we know within every team there are “stars”; those people who shine a little brighter in the work they do and the outcomes they achieve.

Our Southern Star Awards recognise and celebrate employees and volunteers who demonstrate our values in action in an outstanding manner.

Employee and volunteer recognition is not just a nice thing to do - recognising and rewarding our aged care professionals, teams and volunteers in caring for older South Australians and Northern Territorians is an important step in keeping our industry alive and valuing and appreciating the hard work and commitment of the people who serve within.

There are 14 Star Categories:

1.    Care Star – Allied Health
2.    Care Star – Hotel Services
3.    Care Star – Lifestyle
4.    Care Star – Nursing
5.    Care Star – Personal Care in Residential & Home Support Services
6.    Healthy Ageing Star
7.    Connected Customer Star
8.    Star Volunteer
9.    Creativity Star
10.  Best Practice Star
11.  Star Team
12.  Rising Star
13.  Leadership Star
14.  Other (if you are unsure of which category is the best fit for your nomination)