A golden glittery star with the caption 'Southern Stars Awards 2020' on the left.

2020 Southern Stars Awards

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The Southern Stars Awards are our chance to recognise the shining stars within our community, and celebrate their outstanding achievements.

Awards are presented to those who demonstrate, in an outstanding manner, our values; Compassionate (we bring humanity and empathy into every interaction), Capable (we empower staff and volunteers to do their best work everyday and realise their potential), Collaborative (we engage and work well together for the same common goal) and Creative (we encourage staff and volunteers to turn new and imaginative ideas into reality).

They also recognise those who make outstanding contributions to our innovative, best-practice, healthy ageing approach.

We would like to congratulate all 2019 finalists and winners. Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the Southern Cross Care community. There were just under 700 nominations made and we would like to also recognise all other nominees, who showed we have many passionate and skilled staff and volunteers.

Nominations for Southern Stars Awards 2020 are open from Friday 10 July 2020 until Friday 28 August 2020.