Internal Grants Program  -  Round 4 Winners Announced

The enthusiasm for the Internal Grant Program continues to grow! We received 28 applications from various business units, retirement villages and residential facilities showcasing wonderful initiatives, enriching lives and lifestyles of our residents and customers.

On this occasion 14 grants have been approved and we look forward to sharing the outcomes of each of these grants in the coming months.


1. Sensory and Working Backyard  -  Bellevue Court

A project to enhance the rural backyard setting for our residents with improved garden beds and fruit trees outside the men’s shed area.

2. Pool Table  -  Bellevue Court

The residents have requested a pool table for men and women to play pool as a social activity.

3. Orientation Upgrade and Therapy Products  -  Lourdes Valley

Funding will be provided to improve the aesthetics of corridors. Therapy items will also be purchased. 

4. Raised Garden Project  -  West Beach

West Beach Residential has requested the purchase of two raised garden beds. These will be located outside the dining room and will provide some better gardening opportunities for residents with a green thumb.

5. Scrapbook Program  -  Sandpiper Lodge

Arts and crafts are of great interest to many residents. A scrapbook program will now commence with additional funding to purchase materials.

6. Swimming Lessons  -  McCracken Views

The new Fleurieu Aquatic Centre opens in late March 2017. Our residents wish to be one of the first groups into the pool. Funding will cover costs of membership and visits for a twelve month period. 

7. Music Therapy  -  Bucklands

The provision of a more formal music therapy programs for our residents at Bucklands, to help stimulate memory.

8. Create Clubhouse  -  Mount Gambier Retirement Village

This village consists of 32 units and has never had a communal area. An unoccupied unit will be transformed into a community area to provide a space for residents to come together for morning tea, craft mornings, movie afternoons etc. Funds will assist to purchase furniture and kitchen items.

9. Chapel Piano   -  Lourdes Valley Chapel

The organ in the Lourdes Valley Chapel in well overdue to be replaced.  The sound quality is poor and it is not feasible to have it repaired.  A new digital piano will be purchased for the enjoyment of the many to who attend the weekly services and other events throughout the year.

10. Communications – No Barriers

John Paul II have a number of residents who do not speak English and therefore a language barrier is an ongoing issue, especially to enable participation in the lifestyle activities. The grant is for three iPads and accessories, along with specific language apps for translation purposes. 

11. Raised Garden Beds  -  Oakfield Lodge

Residents have requested greater opportunities to spend more time outdoors. Funds will provide some raised garden beds along with tools and shed.

12. Cognitive Stimulation Therapy  -  All Residential Sites

A program undertaken by SCC Occupational Therapy students from Uni SA to conduct Cognitive Stimulation Therapy sessions. This grant will cover the costs of purchasing the Make a Difference maintenance program books for each residential site. 

13. Club Connect  -  Community Services

Club Connect is a new program to connect Home Support Service customers socially. The grant will cover the purchase of three ipads along with accessories. These will assist in trialling social services and welfare checks, conducting health & wellness assessments and building IT literacy of customers.

14. Multi Sensory Rooms  -  Memory Support Unit Pines

Funds will assist in the purchase of a number of sensory items to improve the wellbeing of residents living in our Memory Support Unit at North Plympton.


Well done to all recipients of the Community Foundation Grants!

Should you have any queries please contact Carol Day on 8291 8035 or

This is a Southern Cross Care initiative.