3 August 2021

Pearl Supported Care resident, Walter Girschka, has made a new friend and gained some friendly competition in the game of Chess.*

He’s been playing against 11 year-old Pearl Volunteer, Tommy Hill.

Tommy visits every second Saturday to ensure he doesn’t miss out on school, and said he loves to visit Walter because it brings both of them joy.

“I love helping him be happy and he is a really good teacher,” Tommy said.

“I love to help people and I love chess and Walter tells great stories.”

“I want to do more volunteering as it is good for me to learn how to speak to the elderly.”

Tommy’s Mother, Ashleen, is a Nurse in Southern Cross Care’s Home Care Team, and Tommy said the first time he played Walter was one to remember.

“The first time I played with Walter he beat me by a lot and said at the end “I blitzed you” I thought that was so funny,” Tommy said.

Walter said he really enjoys playing Chess with Tommy because it gives him some competition, and a chance to chat.

“I’ve been playing for 50 years, Tommy has some catching up to do,” Walter joked.

“I enjoy everything about Tommy’s visit, I look forward to his company, and we have a lot of fun together.”

Walter said the one bit of advice he likes to give Tommy is, “Win at all cost.”

*Photo was taken in late May before face mask protocols were put in place.