Let’s say thanks for caring to aged care employees

6 August 2021

Southern Cross Care will be proudly celebrating Aged Care Employee Day on 7 August 2021, and we are sure that the wider community will join us in saying #thanksforcaring after learning about Monicah Ndungu. 

Monicah is the Care Manager at Bucklands Residential Care, and says working with a team of passionate people that collaborate is the best way to care for Bucklands’ 147 residents.

“It all starts from admission by ensuring we capture all of the residents' care needs, goals and preferences so that we can make a plan and risks for positive care outcomes,” Monicah said.

“This is an ongoing process which involves following up on resident’s clinical changes in a timely manner, updating and evaluating clinical assessments and care plans for all staff to be well informed of any changes to residents care needs, monitoring and closing off issues satisfactorily while escalating when in doubt.”

“One requires commitment and dedication to ensure our residents live better for life in a dignified manner which requires lots of patience, flexibility, caring, and the ability to cope with the physical and mental demands of the job.”

Monicah also said having the right skills to think critically and come up with positive outcomes for the residents while working holistically with the team helped achieve these outcomes.

That team gives 100% of their effort into helping residents, and since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic their role’s importance has only increased.

It’s another reminder for Monicah about the reason she got into aged care; getting to experience personal satisfaction of knowing that I am doing a job that genuinely makes a difference to improve the quality of life for older people. 

“It’s a challenging job but the rewards of seeing resident’s smiles and knowing I am part of the reason why, makes it worth it,” Monicah said.

“COVID-19 restrictions have made it more difficult for residents to see their loved ones as often as they would like to.”

“(We’ve) put strategies and systems in place to ensure the residents are safe and government guidelines are followed...we do all this out of passion for the job and to keep residents safe.”