To Aura, we say adieu!

15 October 2021

We’d like to farewell Volunteer, Aura Jeffree, who resigned from her position at John Paul II Village Residential Care in SA after an amazing 13 years.

Before that she worked at Lourdes Valley Residential Care as a Registered Nurse for 33 years, and that combined 46 years with Southern Cross Care had plenty of highlights.

“(One memory) was from 10 years ago, the site (John Paul II) had a big show where all the staff and volunteers dressed up as fruits and bunnies during Christmas,” Aura said.

“The theme was Christmas Zoo...the celebration together with the residents and staff were lovely, I also remember fashion shows and we all had fun.”

“There are just thousands of residents that I have built a good long relationship with and will never forget.”

As a sign of appreciation, Aura was given some lovely flowers and treated to a farewell lunch attended by other volunteers and Southern Cross Care CEO, David Moran.

Recently she’s been running John Paul II’s 'friendship group', where she uses cognitive stimulation therapy to connect residents with each other and with areas of interest from their past to jog memories and keep their minds active.

She is also the guardian of John Paul II’s resident shop and always brought in special items to purchase.

Aura is also known for treating her volunteering like she did her nursing career; bringing respect, dignity and a deep level of care to every interaction.

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