Will winning the Hesta Outstanding Organisation Award lead to winning the Tour Down Under?

10 August 2016
Jo boylan

Congratulations go to Southern Cross Care SA&NT for their recent win at the Hesta Outstanding Organisation Award, specifically for launching their Health & Wellness Centres (gyms) in 13 of their residential care homes.

The winners were recognised for their exceptional contribution to improving the quality of life of older Australians in three categories: Outstanding Organisation, Team Innovation, and Individual Distinction.

HESTA CEO, Debby Blakey, said the winners reflected the vital work of aged care professionals in meeting the challenge of providing high-quality care and support to the growing number of older people in our community.

Southern Cross Care Director Operations, Jo Boylan, said they have seen extraordinary positive changes in residents since the introduction of the Health & Wellness Centres, with a 54% reduction in fractures in the first year of the program.

We are all about keeping our people mobile so they can keep doing all the things they enjoy in life,” she said.

Southern Cross Care supports healthy ageing for their customers. Healthy ageing is defined by the World Health Organisation as ‘keeping people physically functional so that they can do the things they love most’.

Physical fitness underpins people’s ability to perform activities such as getting up out of a chair, walking or participating socially.

The Health & Wellness Centres are coordinated by qualified fitness coordinators providing individualised fitness programs aimed at improving residents’ strength, fitness and general wellbeing and were part of an organisation-wide focus on promoting quality of life for all residents through healthy ageing interventions that support their physical health, social relationships, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Ms Boylan continued, “Our health-for-all approach means that, not only residents, but staff as well can use the gyms, which gives them access to fitness facilities that they may not otherwise have, and which are free.”

On winning the Hesta Outstanding Organisation Award, Ms Boylan said she “would like to direct the awarded money to purchasing three wheeler trikes to enable residents to ride around the homes and community.”

She continued, “This peloton of bikes would continue to show our strong commitment to keeping people as active and engaged in life as they can be.  We may even join in the tour down under!”

The passion, skill and energy of staff is what has created the environment and opportunity for our customers to live Healthy Ageing. The Wellness Centres have been places for sharing, strengthening current relationships and building new ones, plus all of the fitness gains.

"You are never too old to take on a new challenge. Never. Because I’m taking it on and it’s amazing the difference to your life you can make”

Our focus is helping people age healthily, maintain valued independence, stay informed, and vitally, keep connected with family and friends. We believe remaining active and healthy is the key to connected living.


Hesta's Media Release: http://www.australianageingagenda.com.au/2016/08/05/aged-care-innovators-honoured/