If you are unable to leave your home for important physical therapies, we can come to you. We have a team of experts and can provide you with the highest level of care for a range of therapeutic needs. The type and frequency of therapy you receive is dependent on how you allocate your Total Funding Budget for Home Support Services.



Our physiotherapy services are designed to improve your mobility and manage any acute or chronic pain, as well as musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. We offer personalised assessment and treatment plans, ensuring you get the care you need.


Occupational therapy

By helping adapt your living environment and make your daily activities more manageable, our occupational therapists can help you to live well. Our services include the installation of home safety equipment, chronic condition management and memory activities.


Dietician and Nutrition Services

Eating well contributes to both your physical and mental wellbeing. Our dietician and nutrition specialists can ensure you get the right diet, create personalised nutrition plans and help you source the best possible food.


Speech Pathology

If you have an illness, injury or condition that makes speech difficult, our speech pathology experts can help. With individualised treatment programs, we can help make a difference in your life.