Are you a writer within our community, who would be willing to share articles with others, along the lines of "what it's like to live as a retiree" or "a day in the life of", or "how I stay healthy" ie from your perspective, onto our website / blog? If yes, we'd like to hear from you.

Here are examples of our writer's stories (click the link): news_categories/writers-group

Group Objectives

The objective of this writer’s group is to encourage our community to continue writing and to connect with other writers. One of Southern Cross Care SA&NT’s key philosophies is to stay connected to relationships, activities and communities that have meaning for you. As writers, we are no different. Over a lifetime we would have written a million letters on paper or a computer, retyped or edited a raft of documents and published books and articles. Of course, we may have been more creative and penned a few poems or love letters too. This group has been created to keep the passion alive.

Group Process

Each month, as closest to the first of the month as possible, Charlie Robinson will connect with you via email to share the month’s topic. The topic may be as simple as a word or statement, however we encourage you to respond and submit an entry in one of the following ways:

  1. A poem, limerick, ode or prose
  2. A short article containing 500-800 words
  3. A longer article containing 800-1200 words.

Group Directions

Many writers group go through a process of reviewing and editing each other’s work. We are happy to facilitate this for those via email (postage restrictions may challenge the timeliness of this exercise).