14 Spence Avenue

Myrtle Bank SA 5064


Telephone: 08 8379 7759

  • Respite Care
Open Times

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm
Saturday 9.00am - 4.00pm


If you’re a carer needing a break, we can provide you with some time off to keep living the life you love, so you can get the most out of everyday.

Myrtle Cottage, located in Myrtle Bank, is designed to give time off when you need a break, and it's a program that's been thoughtfully designed to maintain a high quality of support while you recharge your batteries.

Myrtle Cottage offers daytime respite, with a program of meaningful interactions and activities based on the needs and interests of the person you care for.

Our staff will work with you and the person in your care to make sure the experience is enjoyable and relaxing. We offer a range of activities designed to suit the interests of each individual in care. Staff understand the importance of preventing feelings of boredom, helplessness and frustration.

Morning tea and lunch are provided and we cater for special dietary requirements.

Located in the eastern suburb of Myrtle Bank, the cottage is close to public transport, providing easy access to the city.


Myrtle Cottage activities are designed to suit the interests of each individual in our care, and include:

  • Gardening
  • Painting
  • Poetry reading and writing
  • Cooking
  • Quizzes
  • Discussing current affairs
  • Music therapy
  • Beauty therapy
  • 8-ball
  • Exercise classes
  • Outdoor games
  • Sand therapy
  • Pottery
  • Reminiscing
  • Movies
  • Theme days
  • Helping in the kitchen

The popular men’s shed is situated in the cottage garden, this fully equipped workshop gives our clients an opportunity to engage in activities such as woodworking and handicrafts.

To ensure the appropriate care can be provided, a few items will need to be brought with each individual. For daytime care it’s important to bring the following:

  • Any medication
  • Aids such as a walking stick or frame
  • Continence pads
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear to wear outside


14 Spence Avenue

Myrtle Bank SA 5064

Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides the care?

We want to give the best care possible. To that end, all of our specialist staff are trained to give attentive, individualised care. They aim to make respite an enjoyable experience for the people they care for. And because you know the person you care for is in good hands, they make it a positive experience for you too.

What is a Carer?

Carers are usually family members or friends who provide support to a person who cannot care for themselves. Carers may be partners, brothers, sisters, friends or children of any age. They may give care for a few hours a week or all day every day, depending on the level of support needed. Many carers don’t consider themselves to be carers; they see just themselves as family members. So they may not ask for help, and can sometimes miss out on the wide range of services available to help them meet their responsibilities.

Do I need to pack anything?

So we can provide appropriate care, we will need you to pack a few items. For daytime care it’s important to bring the following:
- Any medication packed in Webster or Sachet pack
- Supplied by a Pharmacist aids such as a walking stick or frame continence aids appropriate clothing
- Footwear to wear outside

If the person you’re looking after is staying overnight, as well as the items above, you’ll need to bring:
- Nightclothes
- Toiletries (all the items used daily)

We also ask that you label all clothes to ensure they do not get mixed up.